Ideas for Furniture Placement

We all desire to have our homes feel warm and inviting to our families and guests. Yet, we are often under the false notion that in order to create warm and inviting spaces, we need to spend more money.  Guess what? Creating warm and inviting spaces doesn't always have to be about buying more decorative pieces or painting walls.  We can use what we have by just moving furniture around to create these cozy spaces that we're desiring.

Here are two simple ways to making spaces feel cozier which involve furniture placement:

1) Place your furniture at an angle
2) Bring your furniture away from the wall

Let me show you some examples from my home of how I create warm and inviting spaces simply by moving furniture around and using these two methods.

In my Living Room I have angled these sofas and brought the rug and coffee table closer.  In these pictures you'll notice that I also like to change out my pillows to freshen up the look in this space.


I realize that some rooms are not large enough to pull furniture away from the wall or angle it. However, if you have the space then try it out! You'll find it's an easy fix for winter blues - especially when you want some change and yet don't want to spend money. :-) Thanks for stopping by, friends!