A few of my Favorite Things

Hello friends - 

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? It seems like this year has just flown by and now we're coming to my favorite holiday - Christmas! I love everything about Christmas...the twinkly lights, the greenery, the carols, the warm glow of the fireplace, spending time with family and friends - all while embracing the true reason we celebrate Christmas which is about redemption and hope....I love it all!

In this post, I want to share with you 10 of my favorite things to decorate with this season as I add festive Christmas touches to our home and our three Airbnb's (Our Uptown Cottage, Our Midtown Bungalow and Our Downtown RowHouse - which are all in Frederick, MD).  

So, without further ado...here we go! These are a few of my favorite things....

1.  Greenery

It's no surprise that I love greenery! In every season - you will find me decorating with greenery. Here is a view of my stairway last year...all decked out in her greenery glory.  I found this roping at Costco and added a few more bits of greenery to it to make it look fuller.

Styling tip:  Add store bought eucalyptus to any pine garland to bring in a bit of color and texture. I secured this greenery to my rail using pipe cleaners and ribbon.

You can also layer fresh greenery on a table as a centerpiece.

2.  Large Wreaths 

I love hanging large wreaths on my walls around Christmas.  This year, I'm going with the simple look of a faux wreath mixed with greenery.  This is a view of our Dining Room from last year with a large faux wreath that I added real greenery to.

3.  Sleds

I think that everyone should own at least one sled for Christmas! Ha! I like to put these on my front porch at Christmas and I gussy it up with skates, ribbons and bells.  

4.  Pillows!

Speaking of pillows....I love changing out my pillows for each season but for Christmas - I especially love to do this! This is the view from one of the guest bedrooms in Our Midtown Bungalow Airbnb. Look how cute this room looks with Christmas pillows on the beds!

These fun pillows look great styled on the porch of our newest Airbnb that we call Our Downtown RowHouse. You can find them at Krumpets Home.


5.  Door Knob Wreaths

This has been one of my favorite items to use in decorating this year.  I found these wreaths at Michael's and I simply use a ribbon to hang them from any door know.  Easy Peasy!

6.  Trays

I love adding Christmas decor to my trays around Christmas.  You can use anything as a tray...a basket, a metal container, a bowl, or even a small drawer.  I found this cute red truck at a local barn sale and he's really been on the move this Christmas as I use him in so many of my trays and shelves. This is a view from one of the guest bedrooms at Our Uptown Cottage Airbnb.

View from #Ouruptowncottage #Airbnb in Frederick, mD

7.  Mirrors

I love decorating with vintage mirrors.  My husband thinks I have a mirror fetish and I do believe that's true. :-)  Last year, I layered two vintage mirrors together over our mantle and hung a simple moss wreath on them.

Here’s our mantle mirrors this year. I found these at a local thrift store and placed a faux evergreen wreath in between them.

8.  Pinecones

I LOVE adding pinecones to everything to add flair to my Christmas decor.  This year, I have them on my coffee table centerpiece, on my Dining Room table along the table runner, on my stairway roping and I also added them to my tree as you can see here.  I love them because they are inexpensive and bring in beautiful natural elements to any decor.

9.  Ornaments

Ornaments are a fabulous way to add color and fun for the holiday season. I think they even look pretty displayed in a glass jar, too!


10.  Christmas Trees, of course!

I love putting Christmas trees all around my home.  They are a staple for my decor this time of year.  I am always on the look-out for good deals - especially at thrift stores. You can spruce up a bare tree by adding faux pine roping to the inside of the tree to give it fullness.  I added some to this tree and you can't even tell once you add lights! Here are a few pics of the trees I've decorated this year.

In our home last year….

In our home this year….


In our daughter's bedroom, a simple white tree gives this space a pretty glow.

In Our Uptown Cottage - a little tree on the side desk in the bedroom brings Christmas cheer to our guests.

Thanks for stopping by, friends! I sure had fun sharing my favorite things with you.  Please let me know what some of your holiday favorites are in the comments below as I would love to get inspiration from you!

Hugs from afar -

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