Fall Home Guide - Using What You Already Have

Hello friends! I've missed you! It seems like we just blinked and summer is gone and we're on to Fall! I love the season of Fall and all that comes with it.  Cooler days, cuddling up near a fire, the scent of pumkin candles....give me it all! I love Fall!

One of my values is living on a budget and so this Fall, I'm focused on making the most of what I have and decorating with what I have on hand.  I did pick up a few pumpkins and mums....but otherwise, I have really stuck to my value of living simply and yet bringing things to life by using what I have on hand.

Here are some ideas that you can use as you shop around your house.

1. Fold up a blanket and use it for a table runner.

2. Move your furniture or move a rug from one room to another.

3.  Use books to add height under a display.

4.  Move pillows from your bed to your couch and visa versa.

5.  Make a Fall sign out of paper and hang it.

6.  Cut branches from your trees or bushes to bring in color to your rooms.

So, here's my Fall Home Guide for you.  My home is not at all perfect...it's filled with thrift store finds and dust bunnies...but isn't that what makes a house a home? :-)

After every room, you will see my sources. So, here we go....

Living Room:


Fireplace -Mirror: Yard Sale, Wooden Leaf Garland: @Homegoods, Pumpkins: Target dollar spot

Coffee table: Old box: @Chartreuss and Co. Barn Sale, Plants: @Ikea, Cake Stand: @Marshalls, Pumpkin: Target dollar spot, Fabric runner: @oliveandlinen

Rug: @Potterybarn

Pillows: Checkered: @Ikea, Farmer's Market: @Linenandivory

Greenery: Mums: local grocery store, Faux Fern branches: @Luckettscountrystore, other greenery: from my yard :-)

Baskets on Wall: Goodwill



Metal Board: local antique store; Greenery: @Buckeystowndesigncoop

Sign: Homemade with paper and marker :-)

Wallpaper on island: Peel and stick paper from @Target

Barstools: @Pier1

Woven Placemats: @Goodwill

Dining Room:


Tool box: Yard Sale

Table runner: This is a folded blanket from @Marshall's

Greenery: A mixture of faux (from @Ikea) and real from my garden

Hanging Mirrors: Found these @Goodwill

Corner Cabinet: From @chartreussandcompany barn sale

Hanging Bo-ho yarn piece: Handmade by me (Yarn is from @Michael's)

Signs: Vintage (from @Cedarporch) and Urban Farmhouse (from @Luckettscountrystore)

Last but not least.....

Front Porch:


Rocking Chair: Free roadside find; Pillow: one I've had on hand for years...can't remember where I got it! :-)

Pumpkins: Local grocery store

Mums: Lowe's

Wreath: Handmade with faux greenery from @Michael's

Harvest Sign: Handmade from friend, Kari @wonderfullymadebykari

Well, friends...that's it for now! Please let me know if you have any questions about my pics or sources.  I would love to help you out in any way I can.  Remember, decorating can be done on a budget by using what you have! My prayer for you is that you will find joy in your home...no matter what season of life you're in.  

Hugs from afar,

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