5 Ways to Style Spring Flowers

Hello friends! Well, it's not quite spring here in Maryland yet...but I have a feeling it will be soon! It got up to 79* last week. I've definitely caught spring fever even though it's only 40* today! :-)

I find that in these dreary months of February and March, adding flowers to my home decor can really lift my spirits.  I mean....who doesn't love flowers?? That must be why some of my favorite sayings have to do with flowers.  Sayings such as:

  1. "Stop and smell the roses."

  2. “Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.” – Helen Keller

  3. and....."Where flowers bloom so does hope." – Lady Bird Johnson

I usually pick up fresh flowers from my local grocery store through these "almost" spring months but you can use faux ones, too. They can be roses, hydrangeas, mums, carnations, or my best loved spring flower...tulips! It's fun to be creative when styling flowers and so here are some of my favorite ideas for you.  

1. Flowers in a box

I found this old box at a barn sale and it's a unique "go to" container for my flowers.  I simply place my Spring flowers in a large jar and then place them into the box.  This box gets moved around from my coffee table to my kitchen table as a vintage statement piece. 

Flowers in a box make a great Spring centerpiece.

Flowers in a box! Love this simple way to bring Spring into our home.

2.  Single stems in jars clustered together

Try placing a few stems of flowers in individual jars.  They can match or they can be in jars that are of different sizes and clustered together.  Here are a few ideas:

Place single stems of flowers in jars and cluster them together for your Spring decor.

Tulips in individual vases make a great Spring statement piece!

3.  Multiple flowers in jars placed together

Another great idea is to use clusters of flowers and place them in individual jars that have room for more than one stem.  I love to style my flowers this way when they are getting a bit faded after you've displayed them in a vase for some time.  Simply cut the stems shorter to give them new life and place them in smaller containers. You can use regular glasses, mason jars, or even old spaghetti jars cleaned out! I love looking at thrift stores for vases and containers.  I found these milk glass vases at a ReStore in our town.

Placing mirrors underneath your jars of Spring flowers make a great centerpiece!

Spring flowers in milk glass jars and placed in a wooden tray.

I placed these tulips in water glasses and layed them in a metal silverware tray. So simple, yet so pretty!

Tulips in glasses and placed in a metal tray.

4.  Flowers in a used candle jar

One of my first blog posts described how I used candle jars as containers to hold flowers.  Check out that tutorial by clicking here.  There are so many pretty candle jars so it's fun to recycle them and place flowers in them!

Recycle your candle jars by placing flowers in them!

Use a candle jar as a vase for Spring flowers.

5.  Stems of flowers in a Vase

Last but not least....there is nothing wrong with simply placing flowers in a single vase or jar and sitting them on a counter or table.  You may say, this is not too creative but it's still one of my favorite ways to display flowers and this will simply never go out of style!

Our guests at Our Uptown Cottage love having fresh flowers!

This vase from Target is the perfect vase for fresh flowers at Our Uptown Cottage Airbnb.

Tulips in a tray with succulents make a great spring centerpiece.

Hydrangeas are the perfect flower to bring color into your Spring decor!

Flowers in a guest bathroom are a great way to make your guests feel special.

There are so many ways to style Spring flowers and I hope this inspires you to grab a bunch of flowers and arrange them to your liking. Remember, where flowers bloom so does hope! May you be filled with new hope today!

Happy soon to be Spring, friends!


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