Happy 2019!!! Sharing my word for the year......


Hello friends,

I hope that the year is off to a great start for you! I’m joining along with a host of others who find one word to describe their goal for the year. My word is: SAVOR which means to enjoy or delight in something. I have chosen this word because I truly desire to enjoy everything that I put my hands to. I love doing projects, so I plan to continue to SAVOR home decor and finding inexpensive ways to style my home and our 3 Airbnb’s. This is fun for me!

However, the other part of my goal with SAVOR is to slow down and enjoy PEOPLE. Maybe it’s just me - but I feel like time seems to be speeding up. Does it feel that way to you, too? I am planning to be more intentional this year in reaching out to people, in grabbing a coffee with friends, with sharing my life with others and serving those in my community.

Just the other day, I was racing through Wal-Mart (grabbing cleaning supplies for our Airbnb’s) and as I approached the check out line, I quickly paid the clerk and scrambled to my car. While driving home, I realized that I didn’t even give this clerk eye contact. I was so distracted and hurried that I didn’t even say hello. I know this happens to all of us, but this was a wake up call for me that I need to work on slowing down so that I can pay attention to the people around me.

Many of you know that we travel quite a bit with my husband’s job. Lately, I have noticed that I haven’t been enjoying the travel so much - although I LOVE being at the destination! The waiting around at the airport, the standing in line, the delayed flights, the rush of it all isn’t always fun. Recently, while waiting in line at the airport to reschedule a new flight (ours had been canceled and I was probably grumbling!) the Lord whispered in my ear, “Lisa, let this year be one where you SAVOR every experience. This includes the good, the not so good, the unexpected and the things that are a burden.” Let me say, this takes an attitude AND an outlook change as it does not come naturally to me! The challenge was to see the good in this situation….I was able to take time to read, I could people watch (which is always fun!), spend time with my husband and just sit (which is difficult for me because I love being productive!) and take time to pray. I began to SAVOR the hours waiting because my attitude changed.

So, friends…I plan to slow down and SAVOR moments in the year ahead. I desire to SAVOR my walk with the Lord - listening to His voice as I quiet my soul. I hope to SAVOR more moments with my family - visiting them. My goal is to be more intentional in reaching out to loved ones, friends and those in my sphere of influence. I even hope to SAVOR experiences that are unpleasant as I keep my focus on what is important in life.

I know this is a personal post and you are probably thinking, “We get it Lisa…now where are the pretty pictures?” Well, because you asked (ha!) I will leave you with a few simple shots of things that I’m choosing to SAVOR this year.

Let’s make 2019 a great year!

Hugs from afar,


1. I hope to SAVOR this season of my life where I get the privilege of making homes welcoming and inviting for others to enjoy!

Our Uptown Cottage - Airbnb in Frederick, MD

Our Midtown Bungalow - Airbnb in Frederick, MD

Our Downtown Rowhouse - Airbnb in Frederick, MD

2. I’m choosing to SAVOR the winter - sitting by the fire with a good book.

3. I’m choosing to SAVOR the times I can be home and be more intentional at making good meals. (Lord, help me!)

4. I’m choosing to be more intentional with inviting people over so that I can SAVOR fellowship around our table.

5. I desire to SAVOR times where I can sit outside and enjoy the beauty of creation…listening to the birds singing.

Our Downtown Rowhouse porch -Airbnb in Frederick, MD

6. I’m choosing to enjoy the lemons in life that come my way….praying I can make more lemonade out of them! :-)

Our Midtown Bungalow - Airbnb in Frederick, MD

7. I’m choosing to be intentional at making time for my family (now that they are young adults and don’t live close by).

My family :-)

8. I’m choosing to SAVOR adventure and be courageous to try new things!

My hubby and me on his Vespa. :-)

9. I’m hoping to SAVOR time and use it wisely.

10. I’m choosing to SAVOR the beautiful, fun, crazy, quirky moments of life and laugh more!

What are you choosing to SAVOR this year? Let me know in your comments below! xoxo