5 Budget Friendly ways to Refresh a Living Room

Well, hello sweet friends! Surprisingly, it doesn't feel like Spring today in MD. It's a bit nippy but I'm sure that Spring will come back soon with warmer temps on the docket! 

In my last blog post, I shared with you tips on bringing Spring refreshes into your home that are easy on the wallet.  One of my main ideas is to decorate with the "Use What You Have" principle in mind and go shopping around your home....simply by moving things around.

Today, I'm sharing with 5 simple ideas for your Living Room.

1.  Add Glass to your Mantle or Shelves

I like to use things I have around the house to decorate my mantle.  Here I pulled out milk glass vases as well as well as a large glass jar.  I put twine balls on top of the milk glass and I filled the jar with rice and then simply added faux greenery. These little touches were inexpensive and brought some spring flair into this space.

2. Style your space with Succulents

I added succulents to an old drawer to make a simple coffee table display. Some of these are real and some are faux. Can you guess which ones are not real?

3.  Move your Furniture

I love angling my furniture in a square room. I also always bring my furniture away from the wall if the room is large enough to do this. This is an easy budget-friendly fix and gives a room a cozy bit of charm. Here you can see two different places where I've moved this white chair.  Which place do you prefer?

4.  Change out your Pillows

Sometimes all you need to do is to change up the pillows on your couch in order to bring a little spring refresh into your home. Pillows are a super easy way to bring color and texture into your space.  I moved my black pillows out and replaced them with navy and blue toned ones for Spring.  Most of my pillows have zippers which makes it easy to replace them. I simply zip off the outer pillow and store them flat when not in use and use the pillow insert for another pillow that is zipped right on.  (Sources: Home Sweet Cottage Pillow: linenandivory.com; other pillows: H&M Home.com)

5.  Add style with Books

You've probably already noticed that I love decorating with paper backed books.  I find them at thrift stores and take the backs off of them and wrap them in groups of 2 or 3 with twine.  I use them around my house to add height and to add a touch of character.  Plus...they are cheap! I also love finding larger books to add to my coffee table.  

Also, don't forget to add some lovely spring flowers! The peonies from my garden are just starting to bloom so I couldn't resist adding them to my coffee table decor! I hope that you've gleaned insight on how to bring refresh your living room with a few little changes.  My motto is "decorating on a budget is fun!" 

Thanks for stopping by, friends!

Happy Decorating!