Budget-Friendly Dining Room "RE-Fresh"

Hello friends! I hope that you're enjoying the warmer days of spring and the longer days of sunlight. I love spring! It is probably one of my favorite seasons because I enjoy seeing new life pop up all over! 

I will be honest, at the beginning of every new season, I get a little itch to go out and purchase more "things" for my home.  There's nothing wrong with that...except that it can get expensive when you're trying to stay on a budget.  Therefore, I've taught myself to "shop" around my house and simply move things around to satisfy this "itch." Let me tell you...this really works and it's free, too! 

I learned this strategy of decorating years ago and I call it the "Use What You Have" Principle.  This is what I chose to do this Spring as I refreshed my home.  Today, I will focus on my Dining Room. 

Here are some examples of what I did:


I took down the picture that was on the back wall and replaced it with two mirrors that were hanging above my fireplace.  I picked these up at a local thrift store and if you follow me on IG, you will notice that I love moving these around! 

I clipped fresh greenery from a tree outside and placed them in a jar to add height to the edge of this dresser that I painted and turned it into buffet table.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Putting fresh flowers on shelves is a great way to bring a little spring into your home.  On these shelves, I simply moved a few things around....and placed cookbooks under this white lantern to add height.

I recently found this piece of old lumber at a mill that was being torn down.  I cleaned it up with vinegar and water and it has become my new favorite decorating accessory.  The best part is that it was FREE! (smile!) 

I found these milk glass cups at a local thrift store and filled them with water and added lilacs from our tree.  Another simple, easy spring idea that is budget friendly!

You will notice that I placed a faux fur table runner underneath this wooden tray.  I know fur is usually used for the winter months...but I use this all year round to add texture and fun to my spaces.  Who says fur only can be a winter accessory?! Another idea is to use a small rug or a piece of fabric as a table runner.  Remember: look around your house and "use what you have!"

I switched out a few pillows (from our guest bedroom) and placed them on these white IKEA chairs and "Voila!" This Dining Room feels like a brand new space! 

Friends, I hope I've inspired you to "Use What You Have" this spring.  Decorating doesn't have to be expensive and it's rewarding to learn to decorate on a budget, too!

Stay tuned for my next blog where I show my Budget-Friendly Living Room RE-Fresh!

Happy Decorating!

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