My friend's new book....The Gift of Gathering

Hello everyone!

Happy October! Today, I am so excited to introduce you to my friend, Bre Doucette whose book, The Gift of Gathering, was released this week! Many of you may know Bre @Roomsforrent on IG or from her blog: Rooms for Rent. If you follow her you already know that she has an incredible eye for design and styling spaces with a farmhouse/coastal vibe…mixing woods and whites so seamlessly. She is not only an amazing decorator from afar, but did you know that I know her in real life, too? Yep! Bre and I go way back….to when we live and pastored in New Hampshire. In fact, my husband married Bre and her husband! They are such incredible people and we are so, so proud of them!

With that being said…it is an honor to share images of her new book with you today. This truly is an amazing book that focuses on designing effortless tablescapes for every season. Bre has also included recipes, scripture, prayers of blessing… as well as practical styling tips. Plus, it is sooo pretty!!

One of my values has always been the importance of the table in our homes. When my kids were little and even now that we’re empty nesters, we try to sit around the table so that we can look in each other’s eyes and connect with one another face-to-face. While reading through Bre’s book, I’m reminded again of the importance of sitting at the table. This book is more than just about setting a table (although you will definitely be inspired by her ideas!), it is about bringing the value of gathering around the table back into focus and reminding us that the table is a tool that God uses to bring healing and nourishment (physical, emotional and spiritual) into people’s lives.

Here are a few beautiful images from Bre’s new book, The Gift of Gathering.

I hope that you will go to check out Bre’s book, The Gift of Gathering. It would make a great gift for a loved one! In fact, Bre has a giveaway going on right now and you can enter simply by going to her blog.

I feel so honored to celebrate alongside of Bre in the accomplishment of this book!! Friends, let’s be people who make room at the table to love on our family, friends and even strangers. Can I get an Amen? xoxo

Sending hugs from afar -