5 Ways to Style Blankets

Hello friends,

It has been cold this winter in Maryland which makes me want to cuddle under a blanket by the fire. (Doesn’t that sound so nice??) Speaking of blankets, did you know that blankets are a great staple to add into your winter decor?

Styling with blankets is simple and you’ll find they add texture and warmth to any room! In fact, you can change the look of any space with very little effort just by the way you place a blanket.

Here are 5 examples of ways that you can style your blankets this winter.

1.Lay a blanket over the corner of a sofa/chair and let it hang down the back.

2. Lay a blanket over the corner of a sofa/chair and bring it to the front.

Snapseed 2.jpg

2. Lay a blanket folded on the arm of a sofa/chair.

Bed Ideas:

3. Lay a blanket folded in half neatly at the edge of a bed.

4. Twist a blanket at the edge of a bed and fan out the ends.

5. Fold a blanket in half and lay it at an angle.

Change out your blankets to give your room a fresh, cozy feel.

I like to store my extra blankets rolled up and placed in a basket…that way they are ready to grab when you want to snuggle! :-)

Blankets are the perfect accessory to add to any winter decor and a great investment for bringing the cozy factor into your home! Stay warm, friends! Until next time….


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