How to Create Visual Flow in your Home

Hello friends!

Today on the blog, I am sharing my ideas regarding “visual flow” and specifically how we can add this to our homes. Some of you are like, “What the heck is visual flow, Lisa?” Well, I’m glad you asked! Visual flow is when all of the spaces in our home (or at least the spaces in our main living areas) have similar colors, textures and accents which create a “flow” of consistency.

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and it just seemed that everything went together…the color palette, the rugs, pictures, etc. When we have good visual flow in our homes, the main feeling that people sense when walking in is peace mainly because our spaces are tied together in a cohesive way.

Creating visual flow doesn't mean you have to go out and purchase all new household furnishings or paint every wall the same color. It only means you tie things together using a few key items. Let me give you some ideas of how I incorporate visual flow using Our Midtown Bungalow Airbnb as an example.

Similar Colors

In this home, I used green, gray, black and white as colors that you see in almost every room. From the moment our guests walk up to the front door, they will notice a pop of green on the front door which entices the eye and begins the “visual flow.”

Our Midtown Bungalow - Airbnb in Frederick, MD

Click here to view this property on Airbnb.

As you enter into the living room you will notice that the lamp and the pillow also draw your eye into the visual flow as well as the black rug.

Similar Textures

You will want to continue the visual flow by adding similar textures. For example, using wood and stainless steel or gold finishes are a great way to continue the flow.

You will notice that we added shiplap (painted white) along with white subway tile to the walls of this bungalow (to add texture). The wood floors and the wood beam…along with wooden shelves and black chairs continue the visual flow.

These stenciled canvases also help to tie in the color palette and create visual flow in this small home.

To see the tutorial I did on stenciling these bathroom linoleum floors, click here.

Add in Contrast

Now, the fun begins…once you have the first two similar things down…you can begin to add different items to break up the space. Think about adding rugs, lights, pillows, bedding that tie in your color palette but also bring character and personality to your spaces.

Do you see how your eye is drawn to the lemons on the bar cart? Yellow is not a color in the main color palette that I’m using for this home, but that doesn’t matter! Add in the extra color and have fun as this contrast adds to the visual flow.

Thanks so much for joining me on this recent blog post, friends! Let me know if you have any questions about visual flow and how to add it to your home as I would love to give you any tips to help you!

Hugs from afar -